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How To Switch iOS To Android | Easy Steps & Guide

                   HERE IS HOW TO SWITCH                          

 Step 1

Get Google Drive:

The first step is to Download Google Drive to your iOS device and then you have to sign in your Google Account. If you don’t have access to Google Account,then you can create an account right now or when you sign in to Google Drive.




In case, If you already have Google Drive installed, then you need to make sure that is this is the latest version of Google Drive.



Step 2

Back Up Your Content:

The second step is to open your Google Drive , then open the backup wizard by selecting MENU >> SETTINGS >> BACKUP. If you want to backup a specific portion from your content , highlight or choose that content or backup complete content by go to “Start Backup” .


root king


Backup process can took several minutes or hours , so we recommend you to kindly use efficient and speedy WiFi device and connect your device on charging for safety purpose.



Step 3

Sign in on your Android device:

Now the last and third step is to open your new Android device and then Sign in to your Google account. It is compulsory to use the same account that you previous used to back up your iPhone.


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Don’t forget to turn off  iMessage You may need first to turn off iMessage, in case you are now using a android phone and can’t get SMS/text messages someone sends you from an iPhone.


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